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LoveHeart is your intelligent assistant that helps you understand a child's development and plan what to do next, while simultaneously making you a better teacher by building your knowledge, skills and confidence. Plus, all your documentation gets created for you in seconds, saving you over four hours per week.

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Trusted by thousands of educators from leading early education and care organisations
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Safe, ethical & trusted

Trusted by peak bodies, teachers, and regulators.

We have been working with peak bodies, regulators, and educational organisations from conception.

The Australian Childcare Alliance endorsed us as a responsible, safe and ethical implementation of AI within our sector.

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We are working with regulatory bodies to demonstrate how ethical, pedagogically driven AI can improve early education.

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🎉 Winner for the most significant contribution towards teachers and educators in early childhood education & care.

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Teachers and educators call LoveHeart a game changer for  supporting high quality outcomes for all children.

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Cycle of planning centred around the child aided with AI.

From a learning story to a detailed analysis of the child's learning in seconds. Create a follow-up plan in a flash and get support with your critical reflections on the child’s learning and development.All with one tool in the blink of an eye.

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Using your jottings, voice memos, or files, LoveHeart creates a detailed analysis of children's learning referencing the Early Years Learning Framework and theorists.

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Be inspired by planning suggestions personalised for each individual child. Select one, or make your own, and develop robust learning and curriculum plans in seconds.

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Using Coach Sue, critically reflect on your planning and implementation. Deepen your understanding of the learning that occurred, and what can be improved for next time.

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Summaries & Reports

Magically summarise learning for a child based on the outcomes of your learning framework.

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Create your daily journal using your voice or just a few dot points of what you got up to that day.

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An expert practice and pedagogy coach in your pocket. In Teams, use group coaching to develop and improve your practice.

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Create curriculum areas, plan activities, organise children into groups and customise their curriculum with ease while aligning with learning frameworks and desired outcomes.

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Ensure the highest integrity using LoveHeart with a suite of AI-powered features designed to safeguard and enhance the ethical use of the platform.

Adapts to your learning framework, philosophy, and writing style

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Learning Frameworks

Select your preferred learning framework, such as the EYLF, QKLG, and VEYLDF. LoveHeart draws from the National Quality Standards and various relevant sources.

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Individual philosophy

Choose from popular philosophies and theorists that influence your practice, such as Reggio, Montessori, and RIE. Or, you can add your own.

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Writing style

Teach LoveHeart to write like you starting with a sample of your voice. Over time, LoveHeart adapts to your specific style of writing.

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Saves time.
Improves quality.
Increases retention.

We surveyed 10k+ educators on LoveHeart. This is what they said.

Significant time savings
Improves quality of planning cycle
Improves ability to critically reflect
More likely to stay at their service
For teams

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes

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Centre-based teams

Improve practice and increase efficiency without losing individuality. Empower your teams with development and coaching anytime. Support educators in improving their professional practice. Remove communication barriers and support educators with English as a second language, dyslexia or neurodivergence.

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OSHC teams

Ensure continuous documentation and learning plans for children attending outside hours of school care. Improve efficiency and quality. Empower your teams to get professional development anywhere, anytime and gain more confidence. Remove communication barriers.

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FDC educators & schemes

Improve efficiency and documentation quality without spending hours of your own time. Align documentation across the scheme to meet policies and practices. Spend more valuable time with children. Elevate your practice with coaching and professional development.

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LoveHeart Impact Stories

roberta keown centre director at joondalup early learning centre

Roberta Keown

Centre Director at Joondalup Early Learning Centre

Using LoveHeart AI has been a game-changer. It seamlessly integrates with our frameworks, simplifying the process of linking observations to the EYLF and standards, something that previously required manual effort. This shift in approach has been significant; it's not about replacing the educator's input but enhancing it. LoveHeart AI demands meaningful input, aligning perfectly with our sector's emphasis on quality and ethical standards.

The true value of LoveHeart AI lies in its ability to understand our sector's nuances without needing explicit guidance. This understanding elevates the quality of our documentation and reflections, which has been tremendously beneficial for both children and families. The tool's ability to translate documentation into various languages has particularly impressed me, bridging communication gaps with families from diverse backgrounds.

Jessica Langford Managing Director of SA Montessori

Jessica Langford

Managing Director of SA Montessori

Integrating LoveHeart AI into our SA Montessori centers wasn't just a decision we made from the top down; it was a collaborative journey that involved the entire team. We really wanted to emphasize that LoveHeart AI is there to assist, not to take over the unique and invaluable work our educators do. It's been exciting to see the positive reactions, especially how LoveHeart AI aligns with our Montessori philosophy, helping not just with paperwork but also enriching our educators' professional growth.

For those thinking about bringing AI tools like LoveHeart into their practice, my suggestion is simple: dive in and try it out. See for yourself how it can lift the weight off documentation, giving you more space to focus on what really matters in early childhood education. It's about using technology to enhance, not replace, the human element in our teaching.

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LoveHeart User

I used to be scared to write learning stories for families because English is not my first language and I'm still a trainee. But LoveHeart has helped me gain confidence in talking to families about what their child is learning and has helped me better understand the importance of early childhood education.

Loveheart logo

Roseanna Tiumalu

Nominated Supervisor, Seedlings & Co

Loveheart.ai has been a game-changer in supporting our educators, fostering language improvement, and promoting more accurate and nuanced observations. The positive feedback from our team underscores its effectiveness in building confidence and competence in English language expression.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Any user can sign up for a free personal account with up to 20 requests per month and unlimited coaching, completely free.

How do I create an account?

You can create your account by signing up here using your email and a password, or various single-sign-on options such as Google, Apple, or Facebook.

Do you offer team accounts?

Yes! You can sign up from your account menu once you have logged in. Once you have created your account, you can invite your team members to join your Team.

How does LoveHeart work?

It's simple: you type in your observation and we provide analysis and planning suggestions. Behind the scenes, we use multiple custom-built AI models to understand a child and their learning.

Is it ethical to use LoveHeart AI?

LoveHeart is designed with all ethical standards in mind, including the ECA Code of Ethics. We believe that using AI to improve child outcomes is an essential step in the improvement of our sector.

Is this tool NQF compliant?

We have had many customers achieve Meeting or Exceeding ratings during Assessment and Rating. Using LoveHeart is aligned with many objectives of the NQF, such as reducing red tape and improving child outcomes.

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